New Dojo Answers (quiz)

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New Dojo Answers (quiz)

Post by danca4412 on Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:48 pm

New Dojo Answers

1.B. Choose Breakfast Challenge
2. A. The Energetic Mangoes
3. C. March 4, 2005
4. A. Simon Szabo
5. B. Artemisia Gentileschi
6. C. Carlos Guerro
7. B. An old newspaper article
8. A. Suzie Johnston
9. C. Chip the Wolf
10. C. Spooky Story Night
11. A. The Millsberry Community Center
12. B. Sugar Glider
13. C. November 23, 2005
14. B. The White Elephant Gift Exchange
15. C. Snowflake tokens
16. B. Berry Lucky Charms®
17. A. Plants
18. B. Chocolate Lucky Charms®
19. C. The Maldives
20. A. A Lucky Charms® bracelet
21. B. Kelly Kimbell
22. C. The first major snowfall of the season occurred
23. A. Its 200th anniversary
24. B. The Charmed Life Scavenger Hunt

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