Colhurt Tunnel! (TIPS AND READ, please!)

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Colhurt Tunnel! (TIPS AND READ, please!)

Post by danca4412 on Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:55 pm

Before you leave for the tunnels
You have to have a shovel. The Colhurst’s Shovel is best by far. If you
don’t have a treasure map, get one also. While in the tunnels, these
items should both be in your inventory (My Stuff).

Health Note:
You can bring your health up faster than 1-2% per day... groom and eat
three balanced meals each day. I gain 5-6% per day when I do this. If
you are online all day, your hunger increases up to three times a day.
Eat a meat and cheese lasagna with a grapefruit.

When you dig,
it uses up your health.Your first dig uses only about 2 health
points. However, the best items are four digs deep and this requires
about 15 health points when you use a Colhurst’s shovel, more if you
use an inferior shovel.

So if you health is only 50% to begin with, you probably can’t count on getting much of the valuable treasures.

It is important to choose the right shovel. The best shovel to have is the Colhurst’s shovel. It uses up less health per dig.

The Colhurst’s shovel can only be found in the tunnels, at a yard sale, or from an auction.

The next best choice is the Heavy duty shovel which can be found in the Garden section of the Hardware Store.

Your health percentage must also be high enough to enter the tunnels, at
least 30%. However, to truly do a good amount of digging, and to be
able to get down to the better items, which are buried lower, you
should really only go in to dig if your health is at least 70%. I
recommend having 100% health.

In order to get hints in the tunnels about where it is best to dig, you should make sure that your
intelligence percentage is high and take along a treasure map. If you
happen to meet the Explorer, in the tunnels, you can get a map from
him... or get one from a yard sale. If you have both high intelligence
and the map you'll get tips on where to dig. Make sure the map is
located in "My Stuff" not in your basement or your house.

Tunnels Entrance
There is a link on the main page at
You can also get there by clicking on “The City”, clicking on “Golden
Valley”, then click on the house that is highlighted when you run your
mouse over it (Cecil Colhurst’s house). Here is the link:

Once you get to Cecil Colhurst’s house, click on the “rules and tips” link for some helpful hints.

click on the woman standing by the cash register. This will take you to
a screen where you need to purchase a ticket for $500 mbs. The ticket
allows you to enter the tunnels. Admission tickets may also be found
at yard sales for less than $500. If you have a ticket in "My Stuff"
you can skip purchasing one.

NOTE: When the tunnels first
opened, the tickets were free. These tickets are labeled "Admission
ticket (promotional)." That ticket can no longer be used to enter the
Finally, click on the railing straight ahead at the back of the room by the stairs; these lead into the tunnels.

you find a spot to dig, if your intelligence level is high and if you
have your map, you'll get a tip as to if it is a good spot to dig. If
so, it usually pays to dig... however, many items are buried deeper
than one dig (in levels). You'll have to dig more than once in the same
spot to get the valuable treasures.

NOTE: I never dig unless I get a tip that it is a good spot.

items are buried according to levels. Dig only where the tips indicated
that you'll probably find something. You can refresh the screen to see
if you get a another tip after digging... this allows you to see if
digging a second, third, or fourth time is worth while.

I've included a list of items and the level at which they can be found.

Tunnel Items (by level)

1st level
Ancient Rock Painting
Antique Lockbox key
Antique Soda bottle
Horse Stirrup
Kerosene Lantern

2nd level
Antique Portrait
Dinosaur Skull
Faberge Egg
Golden Laurel Crown
Horned helmet
Native American drum

3rd level
Baby Papoose
Bamboo Flute
Ceremonial Mask
Colhurst Portrait
Golden Serpent
Greek Lyre
Hero’s Engine
Porcelain Doll

4th level
Antique Lockbox
Colhurst’s Shovel
Egyptian Sarcophagus
Pacific Island Monolith
Totem Pole

Treasure map (get it from the "explorer", not by digging)

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