Auctions, Trades, Yard sale ((((((RULES!))))))

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Auctions, Trades, Yard sale ((((((RULES!))))))

Post by danca4412 on Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:21 pm

Auction Rules:
Hello, reader. If you want to know the rules on auction theny you come to the right place!

1. 2 topic per person!
If you make more than that you will get a warning! Oh, you can also auction more than 3 items all together in a topic.

Start time:
End time and date:
Start price:
Extra comments:

Trade Rules:
1. Only 1 topic per person!
2. Please stay on topic!
3. If you trade something you must really trade. If the person scammed you PM me.
4. If you do not send your item to trade when the person has already send his then that will give you a warning or you might get a 2 week banned.

Yard Sale: If you want to list someones yard sale or whatever make a topic here. Only 1 thread per person. Do not insult or go off topic in the yardsales. You may list multiple usernames in one topic! If you clearly forgot that you had to add another username PM ME.

Thank you!

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