Rules of Millsberry Fullboards

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Rules of Millsberry Fullboards

Post by Trevor on Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:06 pm

1. No cussing or threatening.
2. Be your self.
3. Be respectful.
4. No scamming
5. Be commitment if someone asks you for an item give it to them if you say yes.
6. No begging.
7. Keep on topic.
8. Post in the appropriate place.
9. Do not post the same thing more than once.
10. Use your own words.
11. Please settle arguments in pm.
12. Choose the appropriate subject.
13. Do not post like *am I cute* or *do you have a bf*.
14. No PMing asking to go to your yard sale or join your forum.
15. No spaming like posting alot of letters.

If you feel a someone is violating the rules pm a mod or admin anyone that is on or simply click the report button.

When a admin get this we will ban modify the post/delete.

Please do not post in rules sections.

If you disobey the rules you will face banning or a warning.

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