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Game tips and tricks!

Post by danca4412 on Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:45 pm

Game tips
tricky touchdown
-1000 points 4 trophy
Choose the boy.He gets u a higher score.U need to complete both courses in 20secs.
Bumper Boats
-500points 4 trophy
Choose Syvlie.U have to wait a minute to see her.
Editor in Chief
-no trophy
Hire 5 writers and 5 editors.Fast forward till there are 5 scoops.
Black Belt Karate
-no trophy
Need good accuracy.To get a high score u have to be a black belt.
-1000points 4 trophy
Play the hard level.Use need to complete it within 10 mins.
Slap Shot Shoot Shot
-1800points 4 trophy
Try to get your character in the yellow outfit.Choose better shooter and shoot at the left.If u win all the 3 levels u get an extra 150 points.
Wave Blaster
-1201 4 Syvlie Sofa
Try to kill the sea creatures that r in a group.It will give u 5 extra points for that.
Archey Challange
-no trophy
Aim at the higher balloons.U get more points that way.
Luck Charms Charmed Life
-1250 points 4 trophy
Try to get all the objects and go fast u get a lot of points that way.
Reese's Puff's Snowboard Salom
-1500 points 4 trophy
U need Kelly to win.Unlock her by having 100 fittness and health.
Millsberry Hide and Seek
-500 points 4 trophy
Try to remember all the names it helps a lot.Also have somebody sit next to u.
Galactic Defender
-500points 4 trophy
Try to keep the ball in 1 location.Also try to be the only1 left.
Sherman Homerun Durby
-10000points 4 trophy
Stay in the middle of the batters box.This game goes slowly.
Sink The Three
-1586points 4 trophy
Try to use a slow computer.Make sure the quality level is on high.
Rope Race
-785 points 4 trophy
Press F11 on your keyboard to make the screen bigger.That way u cannot close the browser on accident.
-3126 points 4 trophy
Add the last 2 numbers.Likely that will be the only number in the ones.
Peabody Half Park Competion
-4651points 4 trophy
Try to do lots of combination flips.If u do a triple kickflip that is great!
Peabody Park Fishing
-no trophy
Buy a red fishing rod, worm, and fish in the reeds.
Peabody Park Cleanup
-2519 4 trophy
Run in straight lines.That way squrrills bump together that way.
Peanut Butter Toast Crunch
-591 4 trophy
Hard to win.No tips.
Hop N Drop
-450 4 trophy
Do the hard level.Try to remember the patterns.
-443 4 trphy

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